WesVotes instructions

Step 1) Go canvass your hall mates and compile a list of where each intends to vote. Be sure to also count the total number of students in your hall or house
Step 2) Go to the WSA office and grab the contents of the file for each of those states.
Step 3) Make sure to grab enough envelopes for those that want to submit absentee request forms. CT registrants will be hand-delivered.
Step 4) Distribute the forms that you pick up in the WSA office to the appropriate hall mate. It is vital to have face to face interactions with each of them so you can help them if they have any questions. Slipping forms under doors will ABSOLUTELY not cut it.
Step 5) Follow any other specific instructions that you find in the state’s file.
Step 6) Collect forms and letters from your hall mates after they fill them out. Keep track of who you’ve collected from and bug the ones who haven’t given you theirs!
Step 7) Make sure that they look up their county clerk’s address if there is not an address on the form about where to send the absentee request form. Those who are not already registered in their home state must also submit a voter registration form in the same envelope as the Absentee request form.
Step 8) Deliver letters and forms to the secure drop box in WSA office. They should be dropped in the box as if they were ready to be mailed, minus the stamp, which we are buying.

STREET CAPTAIN INSTRUCTIONS:(Probably the most important role in this entire hierarchy.)
Step 1) You will ensure there is a house captain at every house on your street. You can even split it up with a friend if you would like.
Step 2) Record that House Captain’s name, email address and Wes Box#.
Step 3 Record how many people live in the house so you can track progress without having to return.
Step 4) Briefly train each House Captain in the 8 steps you see above.
Step 5) Send list of House Captain contact info to wesvotes@gmail.com (include numbers per house)
Step 6) Send each House Captain an email as soon as possible (make sure to ask them to find out where each of their housemates would like to vote ASAP).
Step 7) Pester your house captains to ensure they’ve picked up their state-specific absentee ballot request forms. If not, do it for them.
Step 8) Pester them to have their housemates complete the forms and that they mail them as quickly as possible.

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