Join the Social Committee, plan Spring Fling

Want to help plan Spring Fling 2008? You can still get in on the action, even if you missed last semester’s application deadline. You can apply to the Social Committee, the self-selecting body that chooses the billing for Spring Fling, by answering the following questions:

  1. What have you enjoyed about past Spring Flings? What would you change?
  2. Is it better to try to bring as many acts as possible, or would you rather spend the money on one big act?
  3. What is the best concert you have ever attended? Why?
  4. Who would you like to bring next year?
  5. Are you willing to wake up at 6 AM and set up Spring Fling?
  6. Social Committee is looking for members with experience booking acts and arranging events. Have you done anything like this either at Wesleyan or elsewhere?
  7. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Send your answers to Max Gardner ’10 at mgardner@wes by noon on Sunday, September 21. The applications will be reviewed shortly thereafter, and interviews will take place the following week.

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