WSA election results are in!

WSA elections closed last night at midnight, and the results are in.

At-Large Representatives

Interestingly, Giant Joint’s perennial candidacy got only 83 votes. Barack Obama got six votes, and students who took the elections a little less seriously wrote in such gems as Turd Sandwich and “Bon Appétit wasn’t going to fuck up Summerfields, but then they got high, la da da da da da da da.”

Students who took the elections a bit more seriously wrote in such pleas as, “These candidates haven’t written anything meaningful in their blurbs. Put a little less effort into sounding cute and a little more thought into what it means to be a WSA rep and I might vote for you,” and, “A candidate who actually takes this election seriously.” Check out the full results for more.

The five new At-Large Representatives are listed below, in bold. Candidates and notable write-ins are included.

  • Alexandra San Roman (252)
  • Amy Blume (245)
  • Cesar Medina (213)
  • Siriwan Luangthanahiran (188)
  • Joanna K. Seirup (174)
  • Jennifer Spero (138)
  • Giant Joint (83)
  • Barack Obama (6)

2012 Class Representatives

The freshman class voted, too, and were able to choose eight representatives. Giant Joint got only three votes. WTF, freshmen? Learn your Wesleyan history. Also, “Give me my dog!” got one vote. Huh?

The top candidates are below; winners are in bold.

  • Cordelia Blanchard (118)
  • Benjamin Firke (108)
  • Adam Ilowite (105)
  • Adam Fishman (104)
  • Meherazade Sumariwalla (103)
  • Genevieve Hutchings (92)
  • Greer Dent (92)
  • Aubrey Hamilton (91)
  • Raghu Appasani (88)
  • Timmy (Hyun Soo) Lee (73)
  • Will Levitt (72)
  • Carlos D. Laureano (72)
  • Seung Kwon (Joseph) Yang (69)
  • Aunchisa Tapanakornvut (63)
  • Victor Pesola (53)
  • Paul Schaffel (50)
  • Nam Anh Ta (36)
  • Sara Kass-Gergi (36)
  • Corey Dethier (30)
  • Elizabeth Fossel (19)
  • Chrissy Bello (15)
  • Giant Joint (3)

Disclaimer: I am a Senior Class Representative to the WSA.

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