Fancy the Opera?

Miles Tokunow ’09 writes in to tell us:

Interested in the internet? Like to dance? Want to try to put those two interests together?

My name is Miles Tokunow, I’m choreographing an Opera about the internet called Patterns of Inheritance. The show is put on by Second Stage and will show the weekend of October 16th. I’m looking for 5 dancers. There is no experience needed, at all! This will be a fun collective work that looks at (virtual) reality and performance.

If you are interested please contact either me (mtokunow@wes) or Ben Bernstein (bcbernstein@wes).

*Poster’s note: If you are remotely interested and you don’t know Miles, you must check this out. It’s sure to be outrageous amounts of fun for participants and audience members alike. I can’t wait.

[EDIT] Edited formatting. [Justin, 2008-09-16 12:30 AM]

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