Cable installation update

Based on what I’ve seen in the Shoutbox and ACB, it seems that a number of people are wondering when cable installations will take place. Here is what I know so far:

  • Two friends of mine who live on the 8th floor of Hi-Rise are getting their cable installed tomorrow morning. I don’t know anyone else there who ordered the service, but it seems like a safe bet to assume they’ll cover the whole building–and presumably Lo-Rise as well–tomorrow.
  • I have also heard that Butt B is getting its installation tomorrow; I would assume this applies to A and C as well.
  • The person in Usdan mentioned to me that they’re having service problems with some locations, including Hewitt (which also had its cable shut off a week before the other buildings). She said they hoped to have it resolved by the end of the day tomorrow, but if you live on Foss Hill and haven’t heard anything yet, it could be a while.
  • There will be an AT&T representative in Usdan until 7:00 PM tomorrow, not 5:00 like the ITS blog says.

If I find out anything else, I’ll put it up here. Hopefully this was helpful to those of you who are in the dark about this. If anyone else has any information, please share it in the comments.

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