Fountain Incident Report: A Work in Progress

The Hartford Courant interviewed WSA President Mike Pernick ’10, who says (obviously) that the report issued by the Fountain Avenue Working Group this week leaves a lot of room for improvement:

...”Right now, there is no written university policy dictating when, why and how Middletown police are called onto campus,” Pernick said.

Isn’t that kind of the main concern? The Argus reports:

“I expect to gather the members of the committee to seek their input as we review our policies and operations,” Roth wrote to The Argus. “I will also be speaking with the Middletown Chief of Police and the Mayor about the report and the status of their investigation.”

…“The Fountain Avenue Report was an important first step,” Pernick wrote. “It laid out the facts of what happened and established an agenda for moving forward. But it is only the beginning of our work. What happened on Fountain last May must never happen again.”

…With these ideas in mind, Pernick will propose a resolution for a WSA commission on September 23 that would work to enact substantive policy changes in the aftermath of the Fountain Avenue incident.

Here’s hoping that some more concrete proposals are laid out next week.

Courant: Wes Student Leader: Report Doesn’t Go Far Enough
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