WESU’s new fall season

WESU (a radio station run by Wesleyan folk and Middletown folk) has just started its fall 2008 season.

According to the station’s press release,

“WESU currently produces 80 original programs while continuing to syndicate the best in national news and public affairs programming from National Public Radio and the Pacifica Network.” What’s changed this season, besides some new shows? Program Director Max Lavine explains that “‘a big advantage of the new season is that we’ve tried to create more of a balance between the needs of our DJs and the needs of our listeners. We’ve tried to create more consistency in our format. Across the board, we have grouped shows by genre so that a listener listening to one show will want to stay tuned for the next one.'”

Check out the fall schedule, and then listen to the radio either online or by tuning in to 88.1fm in the Middletown/Wesleyan area.

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