You want fries with that?

Wes football is looking for two people to help sell programs on Saturday from 11:30 to 1:30. The job pays $20 and entails sitting there and waiting for someone to come buy a program. As we’re not charging admission to games this season, we need all the program revenue we can get, and what other job that doesn’t entail pestering everyone in the phone book generates money for both the employee and the university? (Not to mention that the trustees will be in town this weekend…)

You know the drill. E-mail Brian Katten (bkatten@wes) if you’re interested.

EDIT (Ben, 8:14): Just to clarify, that’s this Saturday, September 27.
EDIT 2 (Ben, 10:11): Talk about a quick response. Suffice it to say we’ve found people to do this.

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