’92 Theatre Open-Mic Cabaret Night

Samantha Pearlman ’11 sends in the following announcement:

Do you love to sing? Do you listen to showtunes when your roommate goes to the gym? Do you miss musical theater in your life as much as we do?

Come audition for The ’92 Theatre Open-Mic Cabaret Night, a night where Wesleyan Students can perform repertoire of their choice. Rehearsals will be very limited, just one or two run-throughs of everyone’s pieces. The performance will be the first weekend of October. Please bring a 32-bar cut of your song. If you cannot make it or aren’t sure what you want to sing, but are interested, please contact Ross Shenker (rshenker@wes) or Samantha Pearlman (spearlman@wes)

When: today, 9/24 Wednesday from 4-6:30
Where: Music Studios.

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