Fast-a-Thon is here!!

The Fast-a-Thon is TOMORROW. This means that if you want to donate meals/points to the Amazing Grace food pantry, you need to RSVP right away. It’s easy – all you have to do is e-mail how many points or meals you want to donate (it can be anything – donate just 3 points, or do what most people are doing, and donate the points you would have spent on food that day, ~13. maximum of donating 3 meals, though)

2nd Annual FastaThon and Annual Ramadan Banquet
Join the campus in FASTING for a day, DONATE the day’s unused meals/points to the local food pantry, Amazing Grace, and eat FREE and delicious Indian food from HAVELI INDIA at the RAMADAN BANQUET. First-comers get a FREE T-SHIRT for participating in Wesleyan’s annual FASTATHON!!!!!!

Who: ANYONE!!!! Students, faculty, staff of any/all/no religious affiliation and Middletown residents as well
When: 5:00AM to 6:45PM, Thursday September 25th 2008
Where: All across campus
Why: Because many people in Middletown go hungry every night, and because none of us (regardless of background) think that its okay. Donate your unused points or meals for the day.
RSVP: to participate, or for more info. RSVP is required! Include Name, ID, and how many points (unlimited)/meals (max 3) you want to donate.

Ramadan Banquet

Who: Everyone!!! You don’t need to have fasted to attend.
When: 5:45PM, Thursday September 25th 2008 (tomorrow!)
Where: Beckham Hall, Fayerwether
Why: To eat delicious free Indian food from Haveli, meet new people, hear Michael Roth speak, learn about fasting across cultures, learn about Ramadan, and demonstrate solidarity in the face of local poverty.

Sponsored by: Interfaith Justice League, Muslim Student Association, Haveli India, Bon Appetit, Middletown Mayor, University Chaplains, OCS, Reslife, Adelphic Education Fund, SBC, SALD, Campus Progress, Middletown Clergy Association, Shakti, Havurah, CSO

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