Wes Sound Co-op Announcement

From the Wesleyan Sound Cooperative:

I. If you are a group organizer that is interested in renting sound co-op equipment and hiring workers for an event, please note that you can find everything you need at http://www.wesleyan.edu/wsa/wsc

II. The Wesleyan Sound Cooperative is recruiting! Anyone is welcome to apply but applicants should ideally enjoy as many of the following as possible:

1. Concerts
2. Playing Music
3. Dance Parties
4. Dorky audio stuff
5. Working at night (and on the weekend)
6. Getting paid handsomely
7. Making Wesleyan a more fun place to be around

The co-op does not require that you work a weekly schedule but does ask that you plan to work one event a month though you are certainly allowed to work more. We are especially interested in Freshmen and Sophomores with a knack for the above as well as a strong desire to administrate a very important campus service in the coming years.

If you are interested in learning the ins and outs of live sound reinforcement please send an email to yyngwong@wesleyan.edu with your name and any relevant information regarding why you think you’d have fun listening to extremely loud music at 2am in the morning.

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