M-Town Focus Group on Drug Issues

WesWell reports that the Middletown Substance Abuse Action Council is looking to hold a focus group with a group of students from Wes and Middlesex Community College about drug issues:

This is more about personal concerns, as they describe below:

We are looking for a diverse group to participate in a confidential hour long discussion on their experience with drug use on campus and in the Middletown community – among their peers, use that may be impacting their family, concerns that they have about the future. The group will be lead by Kent Alexander, a professional facilitator.

There will also be 5 Middlesex Community College students in the group so we thought that the MCSAAC office (located at 393 Main Street) would be a nice in-between location to meet at one evening. As an incentive we’ll have pizza dinner for participants and a raffle of a gift certificate.

If you are interested in participating, please email your name and phone number to lcurrie@wesleyan.edu by Monday, September 29. I will share your contact info with MCSAAC and one of their staff members will then contact participants with scheduling details.

Please note: This is NOT connected to any Wesleyan initiatives. The University will not receive information back from these sessions.

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