Princeton in Asia Recruiting Event for Seniors

Princeton in Asia is offering year-long fellowships in Asian countries for graduating seniors:

What are *you doing next year? Suit-n-Tie Land or Suit in Thailand? Follow in the footsteps of previous Wesleyan graduates like Stephanie Pfeiffer ’08, Michelle Chen ’08, Annalisa Bolin ’08, Cara Chebuske ’06, Ian Hanks ’05, and Carmen Cheung ’05 and take the plunge for an adventure over in Asia!

Work with educating sex workers at a leading public health organization in Laos. Order the finest bowl of noodles after a day of work teaching a class about American culture in the Vietnamese delta. Stop for a drink in some of the famous tea houses in Korea after teaching math to high schoolers. Explore remote areas of China while working at a boutique travel agency in Beijing. Go island-hopping in the Philippines while working as an anchor for a leading English-language news network. Take a pony to some of the most remote areas of Mongolia as a finance analyst with a micro-finance lending bank in Ulaan Bataar.

Princeton in Asia offers year long fellowships for graduating seniors at leading universities around the U.S. in 18 Asian countries in a variety of fields: education, international development, environment, journalism, law and business. To find out more, come to the Princeton in Asia information session presented by Program Director Ari Wolfe ’03:

There is *no* Asian language or study experience necessary. Bring your sense of adventure. Leave your resume at home.

If you can’t attend the informational session let us know by email ( and check out Applications are available online and are due December 1.

Date: Monday, September 29th
Time: 5:00pm
Place: PAC002

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