Green Jobs Now Action Day

EON is putting on a petition/photo project event in Usdan TODAY at brunch and dinner (so pretty much…now). The idea is:

Congress is currently deciding whether to fund the Green Jobs Act of 2007, an important program that could invest millions of dollars in green-collar job creation and training. This bill is an important first step, but only a small part of what is needed in order to put America to work reducing global warming pollution and building a new green economy.
We need to send a loud and clear message right now to Congress and the next president to build the political momentum necessary to pass bold legislation for green-collar jobs in the first 100 days of the next presidency in early 2009.

Come to the event or visit this website to learn more about the issue.

What: Green Jobs Now action day
When: TODAY, 9/27 from 12-2 and 5-8ish
Where: Usdan

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