Shasha Marley with Buru Style at Eclectic

Ghanaian superstar Shasha Marley is playing a show tonight in Eclectic with Wes band Buru Style, to raise money for Ghana. From AuralWes:

Shasha Marley hails from Ghana, and plays a mixture of reggae, blues, and funk (listen here). He’s known for his uplifting and politically-charged lyrics, and has worked throughout Africa to raise AIDS awareness and try to shake its stigma. Marley often dresses in a cassock and sash as a way of paying homage to the Franciscan Friars, whose ethics and moral code he admires, lending him the nicknames “Reggae-Monk” and “Monk on the Loose.” Backing Marley on Saturday are Wesleyan dub and reggae group Buru Style, led by grad student Bill Carbone and featuring Wes students Adam Kubota, Jake Gold, Eric Sherman, Andrew Fogliano, Nate Ash-Morgan, Amanda Facelle, and Raphaelle Brochet.

Proceeds from the event will go toward peace in Ghana, which is maybe just a little vague but no doubt more details are forthcoming. Tickets will be sold at the door and throughout the week. To wit:

Shasha Marley w/ Buru Style

Date: Saturday, September 27
Time: 9 pm
Place: Eclectic, $3
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