Post-Eden opera seeks production staff

Xiaoxi Tu ’09 is writing an opera to be performed in the spring, and she needs production staff:

It’s an Adam and Eve story set in a post-Eden garden in Creation-Museum land. Adam names the animals. Eve un-names the animals. The orchestra is part western classical, part gamelan, part taiko, and part hip-hop. There will be fire. There will be rain. There will be nudity. There will be a giant robotic dinosaur. And if you sign up, there will be cookies. And Love. Lots and lots of Love.

All levels of expertise welcome! If you have experience, great; if not, bring extra enthusiasm.

Xiaoxi needs a stage manager and assistant stage manager, assistant director, costume designer, makeup artist, lighting designer, set designer, sound designer, stage crew, carpenter, and electrician. Email her at xtu@wes if interested.

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