Au, Belly Boat, Flora and Fauna at Eclectic

Portland-based experimental pop group Au will be at Wes tomorrow night, with Wes acts Belly Boat and Flora and Fauna opening. From AuralWes:

Au pronounced, quite diplomatically, however you’d like it to be pronounced — are Portland multi-instrumentalist Luke Wyland and a revolving roster of friends and collaborators. Their music swerves between ecstatic pop blends and minimalist-driven experimental compositions reminiscent of Steve Reich and Brian Eno.
…Joining Au are Wesleyan darlings BELLY BOAT, those ever-elusive Santa Cruz transplants; sweet fawns with hair of flax, fingertips of feather — Belly Boat are like a jug of plum wine, a kiss on the lips, and a fart in the bed, all at the same time. Featuring Silvie Deutsch ’09 on piano and her BFF Zoe Latta on accordion, and you with your hands in your lap, sweatin’ em hard.

Opening the evening are newly-formed FLORA AND FAUNA, the project of sophomores Adam Gunther and Matt Bernstein. At points dreamy, driving, and droning (in the right way, guys), Flora and Fauna are masters of the loop, commanders of the cowbell, papas of the pedal — putting us in very good hands. And I am officially retiring any and all use of alliteration.

Date: Tuesday, September 30
Time: 8 pm
Place: Eclectic

Myspace: Au, Belly Boat, Flora and Fauna
AuralWes: West Coast Tuesday

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