Get ‘er done

Tired of the same old windbags hemming and hawing on Capitol Hill and never actually doing anything? Feeling like your hands are tied and you can’t do anything about it? Former WSA President Zach Kolodin ’07 wants to change that. He writes:

I’m now running a start-up nonprofit initiative called Young People First. I’ll be coming back to Wes to give a talk next Monday, October 6 at 12 PM in Woodhead about YPF, about what it’s like to start a nonprofit, and to get Wes students ideas about open source political advocacy. I’m videoblogged about it on my website (just launched) (

Here is the video, for good measure:

(Woodhead Lounge is in the back of the science center, right by the Hall-Atwater connector. Go through the double doors next to SciLi on the first floor; it’s at the very end of the L-shaped hallway.)

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