Lecture: Melanye Price on the 2008 Election

Gov Professor Melanye Price is giving a lecture about this year’s election:

First Friday: Melanye Price- Election 2008: Race, Gender, Age & Media

The 2008 election has been a historic one for many reasons. There was both a female and African American candidate for a major political party for the first time in history, there is an opportunity to elect the oldest president ever, and the role of the internet and blogs plays a key role in the kinds of information the electorate has access to. Assistant Professor of Government Melanye Price leads an informal lecture about the role of race, gender age and media on the current election. (Please note: Professor Price recently gave this lecture at the Green Street Arts Center, it was such a success we invited her to kick off our First Friday Series.)

First Friday is a series sponsored by the Center for Community Partnerships and is dedicated to building community amongst those interested in service, activism and social change.

Date: Friday, October 3
Time: 4:15 pm
Place: Center for Community Partnerships, 167 High Street

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