Second Stage’s Outreach Weekend!

Outreach Weekend is a new initative by Second Stage designed to bring a greater range of student grops into the ’92!

Friday, October 3
8PM: Mark David Chapman: Live in Concert
The Wesleyan premiere of a new play by Benjamin Firke ’12
9:30PM: Don’t Treat Me So Rough
An evening of musical theater coordinated by Samantha Pearlman ’11 and Ross Shenker ’11

Saturday, October 4
8PM: Dance Showcase
9PM: Punchline Standup Comedy
Featuring Mallory Cruz ’11, Robby Hardesty ’11, Damien Lally ’10, Elisa Shapiro ’11 and Chris Sutliff ’11

To see the full Second Stage season, contact staff, or put on a show, visit Or visit our Facebook Page

Again, all these events are FREE and UNTICKETED!! Just show up!

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