Skull Defekts, Talk Normal, at Eclectic

The Skull Defekts and Talk Normal are playing at Eclectic tonight. From AuralWes:

THE SKULL DEKEFTS is a band from Sweden. You know, one of those bands that your music head friend probably blew last time he was in Europe. We all know zi’s excited but let me tell you, you should be too. These guys are huge in Europe, HUGE. Like fucking Godzilla huge and this is their first time in America They personally told me that they are fully committed to blowing out the back of your head and creaming your jeans with droning waves of sex. And all this on a Monday night. What more could you ask for?

…All I can say is don’t take any psychedelic drugs before coming to see TALK NORMAL because they will probably make your brain explode in fear. Take it easy, Wes, take it easy.

Date: Monday, October 6
Time: 9 pm
Place: Eclectic, free

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