Meeting Michael Strumpf (and more options at the Cafe!)

Today I met our dining director, Michael Strumpf, who has replaced Delmar Crim. We discussed both the recent Wespeak I wrote and the blog comments about the new addition of hot soup at the Cafe, as well as new options. I’m glad to say that our conversation went great and I think that Michael brings some promise to B.A. at Wesleyan.

Just to give you a little background, Michael has worked with Bon Appetit for 10 years. He worked on the bidding contract that went on 3 years ago, and admits that the current way in which the Marketplace and Cafe are set up does not match some of the original goals. However, he is very concerned with the quality of the food and making the Wesleyan students happy. He has agreed to the following things at the Usdan Cafe:

  • *As early as next week there will be new types of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches that have greater sources of protein. This may include tofu, tempeh, or beans.
  • * He is going to try to bring back the black bean burger that comes in a more “attractive package” than last year’s tinfoil, and that will retain heat
  • * He is also going to look into having healthy, hot “to-go” meals that can be microwavable. However, this is more complicated since it will require more labor power/hours from the workers.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Michael via e-mail ( or phone number (x3060). And for all of those naysayers, I think this goes to show we can make an impact via the power of the pen (or the blog).

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