Zilkha Photo Exhibition Reviewed by NY Times

The current exhibition in Wesleyan’s own Zilkha Gallery, “Framing and Being Framed: The Uses of Documentary Photography”, got a great review in the New York Times today:

Despite its title — “Framing and Being Framed: The Uses of Documentary Photography” — the exhibition at the Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery at Wesleyan University contains many artworks that are not, strictly speaking, documentary photographs…

But this in no way negates the show’s powerful premise, which is to encourage viewers to think about the ways in which artists and photographers use and abuse documentary principles. Nina Felshin, the gallery’s curator, has done a terrific job assembling interesting and provocative work in this vein, the best of which invite viewers to consider issues of agency, context and interpretation in documentary-based art.

Not bad! The exhibition includes works by contemporary artists/photographers including Wendy Ewald, Eric Gottesman, Emily Jacir, Matthew Buckingham, An-My Le, and Kota Ezawa.

The exhibition will be on display through December 7, which gives you a good two months to wander into the CFA sometime and check it out.

NY Times: Art Review: Not Quite Documentary Art

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