Etsy! Tomorrow!

(This is a print called The Big Moon by Emily Martin, known as The Black Apple on Etsy. I can’t remember where I heard about her, but she’s one of Etsy’s huge success stories…like, quit-her-day-job-success-story).

I almost missed this in the events calendar, but apparently Etsy reps will be outside Usdan pretty much all day tomorrow (Tuesday, 10/14). I assume they’ll be selling stuff, though I’m confused as to why the event is labeled as a first time thing because they were here last year. Etsy is basically an online craft fair; it’s a place for small-scale (and sometimes not so small-scale) artists/crafters/makers to sell their creations. Even if you don’t care to stop by the table, definitely try out the Color feature on the website (be warned: you could spend hours perusing).

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