Film Screening: "My Father’s Palestinian Slave"

Check out a film screening tomorrow night of “My Father’s Palestinian Slave,” which supposedly is not quite as controversial as the title might suggest, but provocative nevertheless. Sponsored by ADAPT

My Father’s Palestinian Slave is a very personal and intimate documentary about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as it is lived and experienced in daily mundane life. The film depicts the meeting between an Israeli peace activist and the twenty-four year old undocumented Palestinian laborer from the West Bank who works in his garden. The witness to the meeting and conflict between the two protagonists is the nineteen years old filmmaker Nathanel, the Israeli peace activist’s son. He befriends the young Palestinian, who lives under conditions so unlike his own. They talk about things that are on young men’s minds; girls, sex, dreams, hopes, future.

To view the trailer:

When: Wednesday, October 15 at 8 pm (only 50 minutes, so you can be back in time for the prez debate!)
Where: Shanklin 107, free

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