Events at the WestCo Cafe

Looks like there’s a lot going on down there this Tuesday. Check it out:

1. Connecting the Dots of Climate Justice: Workshop / Strategy Session with Evan Greer of the Riot-Folk! Collective & Rising Tide

This popular-education workshop weaves together music, stories, guided discussion, images, and games to help groups to identify and understand the root causes of climate change and the related systems attacking our planet and our communities. With this knowledge, we will brainstorm creative responses that everyone can take part in.

Climate Change is too often framed as simply an issue of too much carbon in the atmosphere. Climate Justice is about seeing climate change as the product of hundreds of years of colonialism and other forms of injustice, and recognizing that the communities who will be most affected by climate change are the same communities who are already oppressed by this society.

Everyone has something to bring to the discussion, and we will cover topics and ideas ranging from gender liberation to community gardening. The focus will be on identifying ways to strengthen local organizing and connect with other social movements in our area.

Facilitator Evan Greer is a twenty-three year old activist, educator, and musician from Massachusetts. He tours internationally as a political songwriter and is a founding member of the Riot-Folk! Collective, a group of 9 musicians who work together to use their music to support grassroots justice organizing. Evan has spent time as a relief worker in New Orleans, a street medic at the G8 Protests in Scotland, and a youth and community organizer in Boston, where he currently lives. His deep involvement in movements for social and ecological justice gives him a unique perspective on the many ways that we can address the problems facing our planet and our communities.

Evan’s music is available for free download here.

Event: Climate Justice Workshop
: 10/21
: 4:30 pm
: WestCo Cafe

2. Free concert at the WestCo Cafe

(Broadcast Live)

Performing will be:

  • Broadcast Live, a live hip-hop group from Albany, NY.
  • Evan Greer, a radical folk singer from Boston, MA (who also happens to be facilitating a workshop at 4:30pm at the Cafe)
  • Crocodiles, a cool new band with members from The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, from San Diego CA
  • Fundamentally Sound, a awesome new campus band from 200 Church!

The show should go till around midnight! It’s free, but bring money for CDs!

Event: Free concert
Date: 10/21
Time: 9 pm
Location: WestCo Cafe

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