Usdan fall break hours

In light of some apparent confusion in the Shoutbox, it’s worth noting that Usdan’s fall break hours are up. For those staying on campus, looks like it’s going to be sandwiches from Neon: the Marketplace is closed from Saturday until dinner Tuesday, and the Cafe closes at 6:00.

On a similar note, I don’t know what WesWings’ fall break hours are–if anyone knows, please comment–but its website now lists its lunch hours as 11:30-2:00, rather than 11:30-1:30.

Lastly, Usdan will again be closing at 9:00 tomorrow for fumigation, part II.

EDIT (Ben, 9:21): Forgot to mention that the Usdan fall break hours list every BA-operated dining establishment. Also, the fall break hours for the libraries and Freeman–which closes at 7:00 Friday–are up.

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