The Shade at Public

Tonight at Public, come for the drinks, stay for the band:

Tonight at 10PM (or roughly barnight-o’c’lock), stalwart Wesleyan music-band/rock-group The Shade will perform at Public, the new Main Street bar and eatery that’s attempting to steal the Wednesday night thunder from Gatekeeper through some unbelievable drink specials.

The Shade, featuring Adam Tinkle ’08, Josh Koenig and Matt Paterson 09, and Jake Nussbaum and Will Brant ’10, were most recently seen at Earth House sharing a bill with Megafaun.

Expect grooves to wash over you like that apparatus at the waterpark that makes huge waves in the swimming pool, except this pool is steamy hot, and if you put on your undersea goggles, you would see all kinds of crazy and brightly colored corals growing out of the floor. Dance? Drink ridiculously cheap pitchers? Avoid the pink corona gimmick?

Date: Wednesday, October 22
Time: 10 pm
Place: Public (on Main Street)

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