Remembering Paula Lawson

An obituary was published in the Boston Globe last week for former associate provost of Wesleyan, Paula Lawson, who passed away last month:

In her roles, as wife, mother, sister, friend, associate provost of Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn., and synagogue leader, Paula (Sossen) Lawson strove for perfection. Family and friends said she often achieved it.

Her goals were high, and she applied as much energy to her work at Wesleyan, where she had been since 1996, as she did to climbing mountains, hosting dinner parties, and human relationships.

…At Wesleyan University, Mrs. Lawson used her diplomatic skills and her knowledge of higher education to keep things running smoothly. “Paula Lawson was a model academic administrator and a delightful co-worker,” Joseph W. Bruno, Wesleyan vice president for academic affairs and provost said in an e-mail.

…Faculty members appreciated her dedication. “Paula had gone from being an administrator to being the administrator,” said Claire B. Potter, a Wesleyan professor. “It’s people like Paula who get things done. They get us hired and paid, they get our research accounts set up, they straighten out something confusing with the registrar’s office.”

“Paula was an amazing person,” said her sister. “She just wanted to make the world better for others.”

According to the article, a memorial service is currently being planned for Wesleyan.

Boston Globe: Paula Lawson, 49, Wesleyan Administrator

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