Wesleyan’s Youtube Contest

The administration has launched a video competition for students, “Your Minute with the President-Elect”, in an apparent effort to show that we are smart in addition to being effortlessly hip.

The administration using the Internet for community-building like this is unprecedented. :

“You have one minute to meet with the next president of the United States. What would you say?” You’re invited to respond to this challenge by creating an original video describing how you would advise America’s 44th President, and submit it before midnight on November 30th to www.youtube.com/wesleyan.

What’s in it for you? A chance to give the White House a piece of your brilliant mind, win the $100 cash grand prize for best video as judged by viewer count and video rankings, show the world what Wesleyan is made of, and gain a worldwide following for your creativity.

Videos may be up to 2:00 minutes in length and should not violate YouTube standards. Other than that, anything goes.

The goal of the Wesleyan “Minute with the President-Elect” Video Contest is to raise awareness of the stimulating intellectual environment at Wesleyan.

Wesleyan’s “Minute with the President-Elect” Video Contest is made possible by the Office of University Communications and the New Media Lab.

Click here for the official rules, videos will be accepted until midnight on November 30.

If you’ve got ideas, go for it, be as wacky/intellectual/masterful in your viral-video-making as you can be. The best entries will definitely be posted here on Wesleying, even if your video doesn’t go on to multimillion-view YouTube fame.

Youtube: Official Wesleyan Channel
“Minute with the President-Elect” Contest Rules
Contest Entry Form

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