"Why Didn’t You Come Before The War?" in Memorial Chapel

The Contemporary Israeli Voices lecture series, sponsored by the Jewish and Israel Studies Department, is sponsoring a performance by Fabiana Meyuhas tomorrow, October 29, at 8 pm in the Memorial Chapel.

From the announcement:

This one-woman show, based on a book by the same title and written by Lizzie Doron, depicts the story of a few second-generation Holocaust survivors as seen through the eyes of those born in Israel after World War II. The show deals with the change of heart in Israeli society towards those who survived the horrors of the camps: from incomprehension and rejection to empathy and acceptance.

Fabiana Meyuhas plays Elizabeth, who survived while her entire family perished in the camps. Fabiana Meyuhas has appeared in leading parts at Israel’s main theatres (such as Habimma, Hakameri, Beit Lessin, Beer Sheeba) and in various films and television programs. She won the best actress prize at the Akko Fringe festival.

Reception will follow in Zelnick

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 29th
Time: 8 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel

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