Computer science students needed

The Middletown Eye recently reported that students at Middletown’s Macdonough Elementary School will soon be using XO laptops in their after-school activities—yes, the XO laptop that grew out of the One Laptop Per Child project.

Now, the school is looking for computer science students who want to help the third, fourth, and fifth graders with the new laptops. Cathy Lechowitz, Director of Community Service and Volunteerism, writes:

Volunteer to help the XO One Laptop Per Child education project by learning and mastering computer programming skills while helping to teach Middletown’s North End Macdonough Elementary School third- through fifth-grade students to do so, as well. This project is to bring creative uses of technology to the low-income North End neighborhood, where the lack of income and resources stifles access to technology. Service learning at its best!

Contact Izzi Greenberg at 860 346-4845 if you are interested.

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