You Can Vote If You’re Still Not Registered

By now, I hope all of you who can vote are already registered, but on the off chance that you’ve somehow neglected to:
If you are not yet registered to vote in Connecticut and you are not voting absentee, you can still vote for president in person at the Town Clerk’s office!

If you are already registered to vote in Connecticut, you must vote at the Senior Center on William St, just past Broad Street Books.

You may not participate in Connecticut same-day registration if you have already mailed an absentee ballot to another state.

By listing Wesleyan as their address, Wesleyan students can vote for president in Middletown even if they are not yet registered to vote in the state.

Although Connecticut’s official voter registration deadline expired last Tuesday, the state allows same-day registration during presidential races. By choosing to participate, you will be allowed to vote in the presidential race, although you will not be permitted to vote in the down-ticket elections (Congress, State Senate, State House, etc).

To participate in same-day registration, DO NOT GO TO THE POLLING PLACE ON WILLIAM ST. Instead, you will vote at the TOWN CLERK’S OFFICE, 6am-8pm. This does not apply if you are already registered to vote in Connecticut or if you are voting absentee in another state.

The Town Clerk’s Office is located on the 1st Floor of the Municipal Building at 245 deKoven Drive. The building looks like a school and is located on the other side of Main Street, across from the courthouse on Court Street.

Please contact the Middletown Registrar of Voters at (860) 344-3485, -3518, -3486, or -3517 if you have any questions.

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Owen Bennion ’09 sends in the following important additional note:

Please make note that Wesleyan students must provide some sort of proof of a physical Middletown address (phone bill, utility bill, magazine, etc.) in order to vote as a Middletown resident. Wesleyan PO boxes do not count! Since most students only receive mail at their PO box, four years ago the admissions office was willing to provide letters of address confirmation. This seems to be the best option, especially for students living in dorms.

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