Beehive Collective Comes to Wes

A swarm is coming! The Beehive Design Collective is a wildly motivated, all-volunteer, art-activist organization, and they are coming to Wesleyan! The group’s mission is to “cross-pollinate the grassroots” through the creation of images as an effective medium for deconstructing and educating the public about complex geopolitical issues. The bees create collaborative, hand-illustrated posters of dizzying intricacy, all of which are anonymous and anti-copyright. They work to dispel the tradition of activism that is based on books, experts, speeches and “hoarding knowledge,” by creating communication methods that are more holistic, accessible and invite and inspire participation.

The Beehive is touring in collaboration with members of Rising Tide North America and they will be leading a workshop on DISMANTLING MONOCULTURE tomorrow! There will be
food at the workshop (prepared from the farmer’s market the day before)! Tell friends!

Date: Thursday, November 6
Time: 7pm
Place: Usdan 108

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