Charles Ives Concert in Hartford

If you can get a ride, come out to Hartford for a live concert featuring autumnal songs by Charles Ives, one of America’s most famous composers:

The program: Lots of songs (all periods of Ives’s life, all styles), plus “Three Protests” and “Three Page Sonata,” piano solos, and “On the Antipodes” as a 4-hand piano piece (a decided rarity)

Fringe benefit — see the portrait of Harmony’s father, Joseph Twitchell, in The Twitchell Room! Also, Mark Twain’s pew in the main part of the church.

Date: Friday, November 7
Time: 7:30-8:45 pm
Place: Asylum Hill Congregational Church, Hartford, Drew Hall
(Directions here. Parking on the LEFT side of the church, enter through glass doors in the middle of the building.)

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