Interfaith Shabbat – in just a few hours!

Rachel Berkowitz ’09 sends in word that tonight’s Shabbat services will be the first in a series of events, where different religious communities will especially invite people of all different faiths to come participate:

Curious about spirituality or religious observance on campus? Came to the Fast-a-Thon, and would like to get involved with interfaith action here at Wesleyan? The Interfaith Justice League’s planning to visit a different religious/spiritual service each week, and you’re invited!

This week we’re going to Shabbat services, 6:15 this Friday at the Bayit! Shabbat is a great time to take a break between the schoolweek and the weekend to rest, sing, pray, and eat good food. The service will be specially designed to be inclusive and open to all, and will be followed by a delicious home-cooked dinner. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail bsachshamilt@wes.

This is the first event in an “Open Doors” series of open religious/spiritual gatherings around campus, organized by the Interfaith Justice League and various faith communities. Keep your eyes open for more upcoming events.

When: 6:15 pm (today! like in two hours)
Where: the Bayit (157 Church St., the big brick building across the street from Open House, near the corner of Church and High)

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