Middletown Sasquatch Attack

Apparently, shooting began in Middletown last night for Sasquatch Assault, which looks to be a riveting horror B-movie of sorts about the legendary Sasquatch, torn from its home in the wilderness by unscrupulous capitalists, and its subsequent rampage against a cruel society that just doesn’t understand.

Or something. Either way this looks awesome. According to Ed McKeon at the Middletown Eye:

Filming will begin at sundown [yesterday, Thursday night] on the site of the former power plant for the Remington Rand Typewriter Factory on Johnson Street. The film is directed by Andrew Gernhard, director of photography is Wesleyan grad Colin Theys ’07.

The public is invited to observe the filming as long as they are willing to adhere to crew instruction for staying outside of shots, and agree not to try to lure the Sasquatch from the filming area with Little Debbie snack cakes.

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