Youth Activism Forum Thursday

America’s youth changed history by coming out and voting on Election Day. But November 4, 2008 was only the inception of a new era in American politics. Now that we’ve found our voices, what should we do with them? What policies are important to us, the 18-24 year olds who burst onto the scene a week ago? With the presidential election cycle finally over, where should we direct our energy as youth activists? What tactics can we use to keep our momentum going and keep our peers from losing interest in politics?

Come discuss these issues at 4:15pm on Thursday, November 13 in Usdan 110.

Who: Democracy Matters, Roosevelt Institution, and Campus Progress
What: “Now What? How the Emergent Youth Bloc Can Use Our Newfound Voices”
Where: Usdan 110
When: Thursday 11/13, 4:15pm

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