Pre-registration, whoo!

Want to get into a course where majors suck up all the available seats? Are you a sophomore trying to get into a course reserved for upperclassmen? Fear not. I received this helpful information from our awesome registrar, Anna van der Burg, this morning:

When a course has zero seats for your class year you may still put the course in your plan. Do not however make it your number one choice. The scheduling program adheres to the seat allocations when it schedules first choices, but after that it will if there are seats left over distribute them to the zero seat allocation categories.

Let’s take Econ 354 (Institutions) as an example. There are 25 seats available, 10 for senior majors and 15 for senior non-majors. Suppose you’re a junior major interested in taking the class. Obviously, don’t put it as your #1 choice, since there are 0 seats reserved for junior majors. But you can put it in your “A” and/or “B” column (beginning at spot #2) and still be considered by the scheduling program, despite the 0 seats initially allocated for junior majors.

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