Donate your Doo-dles

Zombie Art Collective wants your class-time doodles for an end of the semester installation in Olin Library. Geometric designs, secret messages to fellow sufferers, wishful initial combinations, illustrated to-do lists, professor portraits–ALL text and images outside of classroom content are welcome. Attach any information you would like to provide to serve as context (for example, the title of the class you were in when you made them), although this is not necessary. NOTE: You will not receive your doodles back. If you cannot sacrifice donating your notes, just cut out the doodle; also, ransack old notebooks if they’re still around.

Donation boxes are located in these places:

  1. Hall outside Weshop
  2. Olin
  3. Art Library
  4. Usdan (near mailboxes and newspapers)
  5. Sci Li
  6. Pi Café

JUST DO IT. It’s the exhibitionist in you. Contact gkredell@wes for more information or if you would like to get involved.

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