Lecture: Living a Sex-Positive Life

Elena Logvinenko ’09 writes in to tell us about a lecture by Barbara Carrellas (pictured), author of “Urban Tantra” and “Luxurious Loving.”

We are pleasure-seeking beings living in a sex-negative culture. No matterhow sexually free we may think ourselves to be, we have all absorbed sex-negative beliefs and habits that keep us from realizing our true potential as lovers and as creative beings. In this entertaining, performative talk I will tell you about how I survived and triumphed in a culture that wanted me to be small, silent and scared of sex. You can do it, too!

This is an encouraging and empowering evening, suitable for all audiences. It’s edgy, but always inclusive and never offensive.

This is so badly needed in so many places that aren’t Wesleyan. Still, it’s a good thing.

What: “Living a Sex Positive Life in A Sex Negative Culture”
4pm, Wednesday the 19th
Cost: Free

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