“Fear and Tremolo,”* a show being put on next semester by Ben Bernstein ’10, Liz Valentin ’11, and Nick Marshall ’10, is having auditions. “Fear and Tremolo” is going to examine the way that musical representation works and doesn’t work compared to dramatic representation, and is going to use a three-person cast that will need to act and play their instruments. The framing device will be the story of Abraham and Isaac.

Please prepare something to play that showcases your strengths as a musician and something to demonstrate your acting. Auditions will probably run around 10 or 15 minutes each, so don’t bring anything too lengthy. There are signup sheets in the lobby of the theatre building.

If you have questions, email Ben (bcbernstein@wes), Liz (fvalentin@wes) or Nick (nmarshall@wes).

Date: Tuesday, December 9th
Time: 7-10 PM
Location: Jones Room, Theatre Building

* This name is subject to change, on the grounds of being really silly.

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