Participatory art: There’s no such thing as ‘away’

Link(this image is of a guy who saved all his trash for a year…see his blog for more)

This Thursday, there’s a waste awareness performance/art piece going on, and they need more participants! Here’s the deal:

When we thrown stuff in the trash, we think we’re throwing it ‘away,’ but what does that really mean? Right now we can tuck our waste in unlucky corners of the state and country, stuffing the Earth with our junk and burdening someone else and some other place with our problem. But what happens when these landfills fill up? Where will all of our trash go then? Waste ultimately becomes someone’s burden—why not yours or mine?

Raise your own awareness as well as that of others regarding issues of over-consumption and disposability in our society. Collect all of your synthetic trash (you better compost the rest!) as well as any litter you come across on campus for a period of 24 hours starting from the time you wake up on Thursday, Dec. 3rd. Use masking tape and a dark permanent marker record when, where, and why this trash was produced (i.e. “Thurs, Dec 3, noon—lunch from Weshop”).

You can mark and then pin or clip each piece of trash onto your body where you think makes sense (i.e. food wrappers on your stomach, napkins near your hands). If something’s messy, wash it out and proceed. The second option is to mark each piece but then throw it in a single transparent bag that you can pin/clip to yourself or just sling over your shoulder. (Transparency of the bag is key here so that others can see what’s inside and maybe ask what the hell it is you’re doing carrying your trash around. Then you can explain with some of the wording from above. Weshop bulk bags work well here.) The documentation aspect is crucial to the next stage of this initiative-installation, so please do this with some care.

On Friday, you can drop off your collection at Usdan between 10 and noon. This collection will then be organized to represent different ways or reasons that trash is produced in our daily lives (i.e. food, fun, litter, individuals, events, entertainment). There will be an installation in Olin, Usdan or Exley (TBA) that will go up this weekend, hopefully.

Want in? Email Emilie at emknight@wes by the end of TODAY (Wednesday). The more the merrier since the initiative will be more visible on campus if a lot of us are out there dragging our trash around for a day. If you need any materials (a marker, masking tape, pins/clips), email Emilie. There should be a box of latex gloves available at the info desk in Usdan if you need those. Oh, and tell your friends to join up too!

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