P-Safe Alert: Attempted Mugging on Pearl

Not to strike excessive fear into the hearts of students living at the edges of campus, but there was an attempted mugging at gunpoint on Pearl Street last night. From this morning’s P-Safe alert:

Public Safety would like to inform the community that on Friday 12/5/08 at approximately 1:00am a student was approached outside their residence on Pearl St by an individual who began asking the student questions about where they lived and what was in his pockets. The individual then attempted to strike the student and a scuffle ensued.

The subject got to his feet and pointed a handgun at the student and demanded they empty their pockets. A vehicle then approached the area and the subject fled. The student went to a friend’s house and later called Middletown Police. The student did not receive any injuries.

It should go without saying – Wesleyan is physically not a bubble. Be vigilant, avoid walking alone at night if you can, and if you do, at least be aware of the possibility of danger.

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