Winter Break: congrats, we’ve made it!

Our classes are out. Our finals are, with any luck, complete. We’ve partied till sunup, despite the University screwing with Reading Week. And we’re one semester closer to graduation… sad as that may be, for some of us.

Welcome to Winter Break, Wesleyan!

As Wesleying co-founder Xue Sun ’08 wrote back in 2007:

It is Winter Break. We are rotting away at home, recovering from finals, nursing hangovers, playing Snood in our underwear and watching Judge Judy.

That still rings true… well, maybe, without the Judge Judy part. So, in the grand Wesleying–Winter Break tradition, we’ll be focusing less on Wesleyan, and more on things we call “totally unrelated to Wesleyan.”

And, this Winter Break, we’d like your input.

Help us prevent brain rot—or, help us promote it! Send us the snarky websites and maddeningly-addictive games that kept you up until sunrise, as your unfinished papers stared back at you from the computer screen. If you’re doing something interesting over Winter Break, send us your story and some photos. If you’re an alumnus, let us know what you’re up to these days.

You know the drill: wesleying@gmail. We’ll round up the best submissions and do our darndest to keep you (mildly) entertained and (marginally) thinking over break.

Behind the scenes, we’ll be working hard to bring you a new and improved Wesleying for next semester. We’ll also be recruiting new contributors in the coming weeks.

So, keep an eye out, and enjoy your time off!

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