Red Wire Black Wire in NYC

Red Wire Black Wire, currently composed of Doug Walters ’08, Zac Meyer ’08, David Snydacker ’09, Jonathan Sirlin ’08, and Jocelyn Bonadio ’07, will be in New York over winter break, and so will you, probably.

The first show is a headliner tonight (Friday) at Lit Lounge:

What better way to celebrate a re-location of the greatest, most brilliant, most creative minds of our generation than to go to a loud, fun rock show with a band of ALL Wesleyan graduates (and one ’09)?! None. There is no better way.

We had our EP release show at this same venue just three or four weeks ago and we can’t wait to rock the shit out of it once more.

Date: Friday, December 19
Time: 8 pm, RWBW at 10:30
Place: Lit Lounge, $6

Also check out the band’s new website, as well as some free downloads at RCRD LBL with an evocative write-up of the available tracks:

We’ve had our eyes on these Wesleyan grads for a while but this time they bring us a poppier, hook-heavy track, “Locked Out.” Who knew being getting fucked up and locked out of your casa could be so inspiring. But evidently it can be, with Red Wire Black Wire spit out cutting lyrics, heavy drums and breezy shoe-gaze guitar in the background.

Meanwhile, we’ve had their decidedly darker “Compass” on repeat these days – it’s fuzzed-out bass and twirling synths draw us in while references to “kill the old and pervert the youth” ensures the band never needs to worry about being classified as young and cute.

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