I know we’re all pretty much over Christmas and moving on to New Year’s and/or dealing with excruciating boredom, but this is too ridiculous and I wanted to give you time to get started for next year. Behold the ultimate DIY Christmas tree:

That’s via lifehacker. It’s a pretty good website, but I’m more into Instructables. You can pretty much figure out how to do anything using that website. Projects range from ultra-complicated to ridiculously easy to just ridiculous. There are also lots of instructables that reveal otherwise obvious truths that many of us haven’t quite gotten yet.

The best example, and one that’s relevant to the beer bottle Christmas tree project, is “How to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener.” Don’t tell me you’ve never opened a beer using your desk at school, because you have. Well, avoid the risk of ingesting shards of glass and use other objects…such as a water bottle (good to keep hydrated while imbibing, right?)

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6 thoughts on “Beer…tree?

  1. Anonymous

    ingesting shards of glass???
    Are there hazards to opening a beer on a counter of which I am unaware?

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