A Celestial Celebration of the New Year

Brace yourselves as the planets have now aligned to celebrate the New Year. Tonight, tune-in to watch as Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Moon illuminate the night’s sky just after sunset. Happy New Year!

Venus, brighter than all other planets and stars, will dangle just below the thin crescent moon in the southwestern sky. It’ll be visible — impossible to miss, in fact — just as the sun goes down, assuming skies are cloud-free.

Soon thereafter, Mercury and Jupiter will show up hugging the south-southwestern horizon (just above where the sun went down) and extremely close to each other.

All the planets, along with the moon and sun, traverse an arc across our sky called the ecliptic, which corresponds to the plane in space that they all roughly share. For this reason, you could draw an imaginary line from the general location of Venus and the moon, down through the other two planets, and the line would point to where the sun went down.

Yahoo!: Celestial Show Set for New Year’s Eve

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