Student Forum: Volunteerism in India

If you’re looking for some extra credits this semester and are interested in social change, check out this student forum:

Dynamics of Volunteerism and Social Change in India
Spring 2009, 1-Credit Student Forum, Reli 420

Course Description: This forum studies the ever-increasing phenomenon of international volunteers in India, within the larger context of social change. Among the questions to be addressed are: What are the agencies through which social change comes about in India, and where does international volunteerism fit into the larger picture? What are the religious and cultural sensitivities that volunteers must be aware of, and how are these concerns the product of India’s history?

Finally, special attention will be given to practical concerns: How can volunteers create and facilitate social change amidst the often overwhelming insider-outsider dynamics? This forum will give students a practical as well as theoretical grounding in the dynamics of volunteerism and social change in India. Students who are either considering, or already have, done work in India will be especially interested in this course.

Space is limited! To learn more, contact soon!!

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