Buying and Selling Books

If you’re looking to buy or sell books, the way to make the most and get the cheapest books is generally by selling them to other students. There are two easy ways of doing this: the Facebook Marketplace and the Wesleyan Classifieds. Both are essentially identical in functionality: you list an item with a short description, price, and an optional picture and people contact you if they’re interested in what you’re selling.

The problem right now is that very few people are using either of them. Changes to Facebook have made the Marketplace much less visible over the past year. I bought all of my books my fall semester last year from people on the Facebook Marketplace–there were several pages of books being listed for the fall semester. Now instead of a few pages of books there are only a few books in total. The Wesleyan Classifieds are only a little better. They’re a relatively new creation and pretty convenient, but the link has been hidden quite well in the walls of text that are our e-portfolios. (If you’re looking for the link, it’s all the way to the right, in the ‘Tools & Links’ section near the top.)

So if you have old books you no longer need, list them. If you’re looking for books, take a look through what’s available. Hopefully that list will grow at least a bit over the next few days. And remember that you can return books to Broad Street until the 28th of January if you’ve already bought them–just make sure you have the receipt.

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